Cameron Is All About Ass – Trenton’s Ass

Trenton is enjoying the good life while his hubby works all day long. During the days Trenton likes to bask in the sun and hang out by the pool. Cameron on the other hand is at work throughout the day and when he arrives he notices that Trenton is nowhere to be found but Cameron has a good idea where he is. Cameron heads to the backyard where Trenton is laid out in swim trunks taking in the sun. Cameron’s mad at first considering he is the bread winner and, well Trenton, he’s just the trophy. Trenton calms him down and begins to kiss him and they take the action inside where Trenton treats his sugar daddy to some nice ass and cock sucking. Cameron is all about that ass and mouth and it’s all his to do with as he pleases. Trenton bends his sweet ass over and lets Cameron fuck him deep and hard. The two lovers make every second count as they suck and fuck until both their loads are dumped onto Trenton – he eats his own and Cameron repays the favor by licking up his load as well.

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Mam Steel Gets A Helping Hand

Mam invited me to visit & shoot his first scene at his new & amazing place. I’d never met him before but I heard about this guy doing porn who had the largest cock in town. I thought it would be cool to spend some time with the dude and maybe get to play with the monster. Mam’s most noticeable feature is the tattoos that cover half of his body, but I personally was attracted to his face (beautiful blue eyes and a smile that warmed the room). After a few minutes of chatting with him and playing with his tiny dog Dior, I really felt comfortable, so I asked if I could see it… that big uncut cock! He smiled and took his pants down. I grabbed it and stroke it. He moaned and his dick got so hard. Another great moment of my daily life caught on tape. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as Mam and I did!

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Brandon’s Cock Stretches Kayden’s Lips

Water cascading from the shower head over Kayden Fleming’s body illuminates every meaty muscle and Kayden’s roaming hands direct your attention to all his erogenous zones. Brandon Jones is lurking around the corner, massaging his crotch as he watches Kayden stroke his soapy pud. With a nod, Kayden invites Brandon to join him, and Brandon jumps in, clothes and all. Kayden’s girth stretches Brandon’s lips to the max. With moist lips, he wraps his tongue around the head of Kayden’s cock, giving it several swirls before allowing his mouth to enclose it. Brandon punishes his throat swallowing that mass of meat while pulling out his own hard cock. Kayden erupts like a geyser in Brandon’s face and mouth while Brandon jerks his load over his wet jeans.

Raging Stallion Video Updates


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Fucking Like Animals

Bobby Clark is back for part two of new Drill My Hole series “Retribution”. Travis James tops Bobby’s hot ass in a wooded area where the guys are alone and can fuck like animals!

Drill My Hole Video Updates


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Lukas Pounds Stefan All Over The Bed

Dirty, flirty blondes Lukas Grande and Stefan Nash experience a roller coaster of emotions as they get swept up in an intense one-night-stand. The next morning the two sexy strangers find themselves lying in bed reminiscing about the best love making of their lives and trying to piece together the thrills of their wild sexcapade. Always the perfect gentleman, Lukas politely tries to leave but Stefan isn’t ready to let their time together come to an end and convinces his new lover to stay with some skilled morning head. Lukas proceeds to pound Stefan all over again proving their passionate affair was more than just a dream.

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